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Floor Plan 2.0 Explained

As the 2023 Reno Tahoe International Art Show has been under development for this first part of the year, we felt it was time for an update on the floor plan overview. This Floor Plan 2.0 also includes a refresh on the show colors to be incorporated into the signage onsite in September.

A brief look at some of the changes:



Shown in dark blue, the positioning of the Galleries remains the same on the overall floor plan. The most significant change here is in the addition of the Art City Invitationals, highlighted with the orange outlines. [More on the Art Cities below]

Independent Artists

The Independents also maintain the original location just in front of the two major bars and the music stage in Hall 3. This space on the floor plan will be detailed closer to the show dates and will include unique pavilions under each of the Independent Artist categories: Heart of Reno (regional artists), Foundations (artists who are from or have significant ties to the area) and Independents (all other artists coming from outside Reno Tahoe).

Art City Invitationals

The Art City concept, introduced earlier this year, presents a series of curated pavilions dedicated to select cities in which the arts are an essential part of the DNA of the place. Focusing on the Western US for this first edition of the Art Cities, we have pavilions dedicated to Carmel-by-the-Sea, Laguna Beach, Park City, Sedona and Scottsdale, San Diego/La Jolla and San Francisco. Each Art City includes participating galleries, studios and artists who will exhibit together as a unique view to their city.

First Nations, Indigenous Peoples

The FNIP Pavilion, in lavender, has been shifted to include a dedicated Sculpture Walk pathway through to the jewelry and features space to the far right of the plan. We’ve also added a major feature just above the FNIP pavilions, details to be released shortly. The First Nations Jewelry will be presented in an adjacent room where exhibitors will have table displays rather than art walls.


Sculpture is now shown in turquoise, and on the overall plan, you can see the outside area in front of the main entrance will be dedicated to large-scale sculptures and the Sculpture Walk will continue through the Registration Lobby and into Hall 3, where it connects to the Post Playa Art showcase, which will feature select sculptures from Burning Man 2023.


We’ve pooled all major features of the show under the single ‘Features’ category. These include:

  • Welcome Lobby: This space will feature major sculpture works from the National Sculpture Society paired with rare and classic cars of the Cool Classics collection. We’ll have wine bars and live music to create a ‘wow’ moment as visitors enter the show.

  • Short Film Programming by Cordillera International Film Festival

  • RTIA Talks [panel discussions, presentations, etc]

  • Neon Exhibit featuring Color of Neon

And features under development:

  • University of Nevada Reno’s School of the Arts and the Lilley Museum of Art

  • Sierra Arts Foundation

  • Museum Quality Generational Exhibit- Details to follow

See the full floor plan and stay updated with the floor plan on the Floor Plan page.

Download PDF • 682KB

Stay tuned for the release of the current 2023 exhibitor list!

2022 FNIP Exhibitor Duane Maktima

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