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September 12 - 15, 2024

Reno-Sparks Convention Center


2022 Artist - Ryan Harris

Ryan is a self trained acrylic artist, striving to create vibrant, engaging, works that explore the complex relationship between humans and the natural world. Drawing inspiration from the beauty and diversity of wildlife, the vibrant colors and patterns of psychedelic imagery, and the sleek forms and capabilities of technology, he seeks to create art that captures the complex and often fraught interactions between these seemingly disparate elements.


His work aims to showcase the ways in which technology and nature can coexist, conflict, and influence one another. His hope is to inspire viewers to think more deeply about their own relationship with the natural world.

2022 Reno, Who Knew...? Creative

Ryan Harris

2023 Artist - Hannah Eddy

Hannah Eddy is an artist and muralist based in Reno, NV best known for her colorful, bold, and imaginative work. 

Her art encourages an appreciation for nature, connection, and community.  She is influenced by the expressive graphic style and free-thinking approach of the skateboard/snowboard/surf culture that she grew up immersed in.         

Through her paintings, illustrations, and murals she aims to help inspire her fellow humans to pick up a board, hop on a bike, feel the wind, laugh at stuff, appreciate the funkiness in nature, or to just give a hoot about each other and our planet. 

2023 Reno, Who Knew...? Creative

Hannah Eddy

Reno Tahoe is a surprising place. From the landscape to the people, the region is a constant discovery of both quality and quantity. The RTIA Show celebrates the unique, dynamic nature of its hometown, and invites visitors and locals alike to dive in and find their own ‘Who Knew?!’ moment.

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